Where Do Bedbugs Hide?

Bedbugs are often located in and around the bed area, as their name suggests. A lot of people would think that these bugs are hiding in their clothes if they think that these bugs have infested their home. These small insects tend to vanish in a variety of unusual places, and some of those places you don’t imagine to be likely at all. These unwelcome hitch-house visitors can be easily transported from one location to another during the summer. 

There are several unusual bed-bug shelters in your home. Be sure to double-check your stuff before you go home so that you don’t bring these pests in your place. You don’t want to have problems with these insects at all.  

1. Purses  

Bedbugs are often an unwelcome companion to your shopping sprees. You may not know that they are hidden in the seams of your bags. Bed bugs can be found when these bags are placed on the floor or when taken from one place to another. 

2. Stuffed toys  

Children love bringing out their stuffed friends and they even play with them outdoors. It puts them at risk of contracting bedbugs that could find the fur of their stuffed animals. These are the most ideal place for them to live in. To remove bedbugs in stuffed toys, toss them in the washer and do a round of a warm cycle. Drying the toys thoroughly. This will help remove all traces of bed bugs. 

3. Fluorescent light bulbs 

Bed bugs are like vampires that like darkness. Even so, they can be found in fluorescent light bulbs as well. The hidden areas of electrical cables provide plenty of room for these pests to squeeze in. Make sure to check for bedbugs in the switches. But be careful when you do it.  

4. School buses 

Students can get these unwelcome pests on their way to and from school. Bed bugs can be found in the upholstered coach seats in schools. They can jump into the student’s backpack and clothes. To make sure that it won’t happen, vacuum the backpacks. Wash and dry using the hot-cycle cycle. Make sure that your kid’s clothing is closely monitored to ensure that these pests do not come home with the children from school. 

5. Aircrafts  

It is possible to bring these bugs to the sky. They can be burrowed in the chairs, rugs, and vents. It is therefore extremely important for travelers to take precautions. Be sure to vacuum your luggage after every flight. 

If you suspect that you have attracted bedbug through one of these unusual items or locations, then you have to hire an expert in pest control Springfield MO. If you know for a fact that your home has been infested by these pests, act right away. Bed bugs are not supposed to be handled on your own. Getting rid of it should be left to the hands of a professional. That’s the only way you can be sure that you have fully eradicated bedbugs from your home.